Thank you for choosing CEN Racing.  CEN Racing Direct is now available on a new server- ( ). You will find all CEN Racing products in the new store.  Please note that you will need to create a new account as your previous account with is not compatible.

CEN Racing Products

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CEN Racing Direct now distributes GS Racing parts. 

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Skyion Electronics / Radios

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Interactive Parts ordering System - LIVE
Simply Clicking on the part numbers inside each vehicle exploded views to order parts.

GST 7.7 / Genesis 46 GST-E Nemesis 7.7
Matrix TR Arena Matrix R2 / R3 Buggy Matrix C1 Buggy
Matrix 5 GSR 5.0 @
MG 10 CT5 / CT4S NX Series / Fun Factor
Mini Madness ME16 Series MG 16